Fresensius 4008S, Fresensius 4008, dialysis equipment

Fresensius 4008 S

The dialysis dose administered is always under control, thanks to this device, which provides both easy follow-up of the treatment and a brief summary of the treatment history. Our center provides bicarbonate hemodialysis services with dialyzer and consumables in European standards by using HD/HDF and single needle methods.

Olbia Diyaliz Merkezi, Rever Osmose

Rever Osmose

During dialysis, the blood of our patients encounters a high amount of dialysis fluid. The quality and purity of the dialysis fluid is very important for the health of our patients.

Our Rever Osmose device has UV and endotoxin filters, and the pure water produced is transferred to the water system online and used in the hemodialysis process, becoming the cleanest dialysis fluid.

Bikarbonatlı Hemodiyaliz

Bicarbonate Hemodialysis

In order to avoid the risk of possible microbiological contamination, an appropriate bicarbonate hemodialysis program is performed for each patient.

Olbia Diyaliz Merkezi, Diyaliz Alanı, Diyaliz Salonu

Dialysis Rooms

In our center, we have 4 spacious, bright and comfortable dialysis rooms and a holiday dialysis room. 

And also we have a separate room with personalized dialysis equipment for our patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis C. 

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Holiday Dialysis Room

And also we have a separate room with personalized dialysis equipment for our patients on vacation

Olbia Diyaliz Merkezi, giyinme odaları, soyunma odaları

Dressing Rooms

We have clean and well-maintained dressing rooms prepared for the comfort of our patients.

Olbia Diyaliz Merkezi, Lobi


We have a lobby for our patients and guests to rest and wait.

Olbia Diyaliz Merkezi, Bekleme Alanı

24/7 Wifi Access

24/7 internet access is available in the waiting areas for our patients and guests

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The Building

In our 5-storey building with modern architecture, we have a central air-conditioning system, an elevator and a 200kW generator so that we never experience a power cut.