Olbia Dialysis Center

Quality Awarded
Dialysis Center

Cutting-Edge & World Class Dialyzers and Equipment


Putting Quality of Life
Before Everything

Modern, Scientific, High Quality, Trusted and Pioneer in the Field

Olbia Dialysis Center

Dialysis Center"

As Turkey's Quality Award-winning Dialysis Center Olbia, which provides bicarbonate hemodialysis services with devices equipped with the latest technology, dialyzer and consumables in EU standards; We aim to be one of the leading health institutions in the field, which increases the life expectancy and quality of our patients, reaches the highest level of employee satisfaction, is modern, scientific, high quality, trusted and modeled on an international level.


In our dialysis center, we are
applying bicarbonate hemodialysis
with the latest technology
dialyzers and consumables in
EU standards.


We have 4 dialysis rooms in our facility and our patients are treated in a comfortable environment where they can connect to the internet whenever they want.


We are always improving our service quality and standards with continuous trainings. We have talented staff selected from among the best in their field.